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We offer a variety of carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and hard-surface care services to residential and commercial customers in the Jacksonville area. Many people can “clean” a carpet or a piece of furniture. With our professional service...
  • Your carpet and upholstery will be cleaned safely and fully with appropriate products that don’t damage
  • Safe for pets, children, and the environment
  • Our technician will arrive when scheduled
  • Our work is done for the price quoted before the job is started

Jacksonville Carpet Cleaners Have A Different Environment

Carpet Cleaning Jacksonville FL
Jacksonville Carpet Cleaning is Different!
You would think carpet cleaning is just that – cleaning carpets. However, Jacksonville carpet cleaning is different! Our environment creates wear on carpet and upholstery fibers that other parts of the US may not experience in the same way. Jacksonville's humid, hot climate is full of bacteria and mold from our weather and the amount of trees and water surrounding our city. Salt air and sandy, dirty terrain produce dust and air that wreak havoc on textiles. This contributes to the factors that mean our carpets need to be cleaned more often, and by skilled professionals specializing in carpet cleaning in Jacksonville.

Why do Jacksonville carpets and upholstery need cleaning more often?
  • Mold
  • Dust and allergens from the forced air of constantly running air conditioners
  • Pets
  • Rental occupancy is on the rise, thanks to the foreclosure crisis
  • Vacation/Snowbirders with shut up houses/condos. They need to refresh the carpet when they arrive and before they go, otherwise dust silts up and becomes deeply ingrained into the nap)

Jacksonville Carpet Cleaning (and Upholstery) is Sanitary and Essential to the Health of Your Home!