Carpet Cleaning Guide: How to Eliminate Hair Gel Spills on the Carpet

If you want to look your best then having perfect hair is going to go a long way in helping you accomplish this. Having the right hairstyle is always a big plus whenever you are going out on a date or on a job interview thus you should really spend time in fixing your crowning glory. Luckily there are items you can use such as hair gel which makes it easier to style your hair the way that you want it to.

Most hair gels come in a container which is easy to squeeze to make the gel come out. This can be good since it is easy to extract the hair gel from the container but the drawback is that it is easy to get some of the gel on places where you don't want it to be such as your carpet.

Getting hair gel on the carpet is going to be a problem as the gel will cause the fibers of your carpet to stick together not to mention running the risk of causing stains to it. If you want to clean up this mess on your carpet at home, read the instructions below on what you should do.

Scooping up the spilled hair gel is always the first step that you should take. Do this right away so that you do not have to worry about the gel reaching other parts of your carpet. Use a clean knife to scrape the hair gel and use some paper towels to blot the area several times to really make sure you get as much of it out of the carpet.

Pour a teaspoon of water on the spot where the hair gel was spilled. Chances are there is a stain that is left behind. Adding water helps in lifting the stain particles out of the fibers. Blot the stain using some paper towels to help remove more of the foreign material out of your carpet.

To eliminate the stain for good you will need to use a cleaning solution on it. Go to your closet and pick up the cleaning solution you usually use in cleaning carpet stains. Use it on the hair gel stain and then get some paper towels and start blotting the stain again and again.

Continue in repeating the previous step until the hair gel stain is totally eliminated. Afterwards, rinse the area of the carpet which you just cleaned with some clean water to avoid having any cleaning solution residue stay behind on the carpet. Dry off the carpet using a wet/dry vac or some clean towels and your carpet should now be spotless and clean once again.