Carpet Cleaning 101: How to Easily Clean Blueberry Jam Stains

Breakfast is not complete without having some tasty pastries before going off to work. What can make this even better is by having some delicious blueberry jam that you can spread on top of it. Blueberry jam is always a big favorite among food lovers and it is not hard to imagine why. Blueberry jam is delicious and full of flavor which is why it has become one of the more popular kinds of jams nowadays.

Be careful though as sometimes as you are enjoying the blueberry jam at home your attention may waver for a moment and you could find yourself looking a big spill on your beautiful carpet. Spilling blueberry jam on your carpet is not really good since it will cause a very tough stain that will surely give you a hard time.

In order to clean up this mess you should take the proper steps. If you do not know what to do, read the helpful post below to guide you in cleaning up the blueberry jam stains on your carpet without any hassles.

  • First, get a clean and dull knife and use it to scrape as much of the blueberry jam stain which you have spilled on your carpet. Carefully do this since you never want to spread the stain by accident.
  • After scraping the spilled blueberry jam, you should try to remove the jam particles which still remain on the carpet. You can try to use some paper towels and blotting the affected area to extract more of the spill out of the carpet fibers.
  • Now that the area is already cleared of the spill, the next step is to use a cleaning solution on the jam stain. You can just use the common cleaning solution that you normally use for your carpet. Apply a generous amount on the affected area and then move on to the succeeding step.
  • Grab a clean white cloth and slowly blot the blueberry jam stain on your carpet. You should make your way from the outer portion of the stain moving inward to get the best results. Continue performing this step until the entire blueberry jam stain is eliminated.
  • Rinsing the area you finished cleaning is the last step in this guide. You can do this by pouring a cup of room temperature water on the area which you just cleaned. Then, just dry the entire area with the help of a wet/dry vac or some clean towels.