Guide to Cleaning Up Spilled Chocolate Syrup on Your Rug

Chocolate is a favorite flavor of many food lovers. Everyone loves to eat chocolate candy bars, chocolate cake, and even if their ice cream is vanilla or strawberry they would not mind adding some chocolate syrup to make it even more tasty.

Chocolate syrup is indeed a really popular kind of syrup and it can be used on many tasty desserts. The problem is that sometimes it can get on your rug which can really become a big issue. This is because chocolate syrup on the rug will surely ruin its appearance.

Cleaning up this kind of spill on the rug is not a pleasant experience but it is really important to do if you want to keep your rug in good condition. If you want to find out what you need to in order to clean up the chocolate syrup stains on your rug, check out the helpful tips below.

  • The first thing you should do is to remove the spilled chocolate syrup on your rug at home. You can do this by getting a clean paper towel and then slowly using it to blot the spill. You should do this several times until you are able to get most of the spilled chocolate syrup out of the rug fibers.
  • The next thing you must do is to dilute the chocolate syrup to prevent it from setting on your rug. You can do this by adding some water to the affected area of the rug and then using some paper towels to blot the area.
  • The water that you used in the previous step will unfortunately be not enough to totally eliminate the chocolate syrup stain which is why you should prepare a cleaning agent that you can utilize to get rid of it completely. To make this, mix a teaspoon of dish washing liquid with a cup of warm water and you'll already have a very potent cleaning agent for the stain.
  • Now that you have your cleaning agent ready, use a few drops of it on the chocolate syrup stain on your rug. Leave it there for five minutes and then try to blot it using some clean paper towels.
  • Repeat the previous step and continue to blot the chocolate syrup stain until it is removed from your rug. This could take several attempts before your carpet is spotless again so continue to be patient.
After removing the ugly stain on your rug, the only thing left to do is to remove the residue that could stay behind. Rinse the spot that you just cleaned using some cool water and then dry everything with some clean towels to finish the job