How to Clean Up Strawberry Smoothie Stains on Your Rug

Rugs can be really tough to clean and maintain but it is certainly something that is well worth the effort. Rugs are just great for making the home more beautiful and appealing and thus knowing the right steps to clean and maintain the rug is very important.

Stains can happen to any rug without any warning and you must always stay on your toes and do the proper steps when faced with tough rug cleaning problems. One issue that can draw the ire of homeowners is accidentally spilling strawberry smoothies on your rug. This is going to cause a very ugly red or pink stain that will definitely make your rug unappealing. If you do not know how to fix this problem, check the steps below that you can follow.

  1. Step one in this how-to guide is removing the spilled strawberry smoothie on your rug. You have to take a clean white cloth and begin to absorb the spilled smoothie using it. Repeat the process until you have removed as much of the spilled strawberry smoothie as possible.
  2. After you have cleared the spilled liquid on the rug, next up is to dilute the ugly stain that is left behind. Pour a few drops of water on the stained portion of the rug and then leave it there for a few minutes to prevent the stain from drying up quickly.
  3. Use a combination of one part clear ammonia and four parts warm water to make a very useful cleaning solution that will come in handy in removing the ugly stain left behind on the rug. Place the cleaning solution on the affected parts of your rug and then let it soak the stain for five minutes.
  4. Take a clean white cloth and begin to blot the strawberry smoothie stain on your carpet. Do this repeatedly until the entire stain is removed from the carpet fibers. You may not notice the results right away but if you keep at it you will surely find the results that you are looking for. Blotting the stain will cause it to slowly be lifted out of the carpet so that it will become nice and clean once more.
  5. Rinse the spot that you cleaned to remove any residue that could be left behind on the carpet fibers. Once you have done so, dry up the area completely to finish the task.