Quickly Eliminating Rust Stains on Your Rug

Rugs are gorgeous home accessories that can instantly improve the way that your home looks. It can be somewhat challenging to clean though since it can get stained fairly easily as it is exposed to many different cleaning problems on a daily basis.

Rust stains on the rug can be one of the more challenging cleaning issues that a homeowner can face. Rust can instantly ruin the way the rug looks, especially if your rug at home is white or light-colored. This is going to be very tough to clean which is why you should find out the proper steps to clean your rug at home effectively.

In order to clean the rust stain on your rug at home easily, be sure to read the helpful post below.

  • Get some lemon juice and then add a few drops of this on the part of the rug where the rust stain is located. Leave it there for three minutes and then blot with paper towels a couple of times. This is going to help remove some of the rust but you will likely need to proceed to the succeeding steps to eliminate the stain completely.
  • Making a homemade cleaning agent is the next step in this guide. You can make one with ease by using a combination one part laundry detergent (non-bleach) and four water parts. Place this solution in an empty container and then move on to the next step.
  • Apply the laundry detergent-based cleaning solution on the rust stain on your rug and then leave it there for three to five minutes. This is going to be helpful in breaking the stain down. Afterwards, use a clean cloth and repeatedly blot the affected portion of the rug.
  • Continue to repeat the previous step until your rug is clean and spotless once more. This may not always happen right away so just stay patient and continue to blot the rug stain until it is completely gone.
  • For the last step, rinse your rug where the rust stain was and then blot the area using some clean paper towels until it is completely dry. This is to ensure that no residue is left behind on your rug fibers.

Removing the rust stain on your rug does not have to be that difficult. Just follow the above steps and you'll have no problem getting your rug clean and back to normal.