Natural Tile Cleaning Solutions

Going natural or organic is now becoming a popular practice. More and more people are switching their options and getting closer to nature. And one of the aspects in life where most people make the switch is with household care.
Nowadays, more homemakers prefer natural or organic products even in household items even tile cleaning solutions. There are several reasons why more are making the switch.
 First of all, it’s more economical. These are things which you can commonly find in your kitchen or within the house so you don’t actually have to go out to buy it. Moreover, it helps save the environment. So when you come to think of it, the pros do outweigh the cons.
There are some people who wish to make the switch but don’t do so because of several hesitations. The most common of which is wondering how exactly it’s supposed to be done. People have been so used to the department store culture where there’s something for everything you need. But it just takes a little bit of creativity and resourcefulness. Here are some tips which can help you in finding natural tile-cleaning solutions:
1. Water is the universal solvent. For regular tile cleaning, you can just grab a piece of cloth or a mop, soak it in water and wipe away. It can remove sticky stains which cannot be removed by the usual sweeping.
2. Vinegar has more uses outside the kitchen than it has inside. For spot removal or even if you just want to deep clean your tiles, white vinegar or apple cider vinegar can do the trick. Just create a water and vinegar solution. One cup of vinegar can be mixed into one cup of water. Then you can spray it over the stains and dirt on the tiles especially the gout. You can use cloth or brush to scrub the stain off. Then just rinse it with water and wipe with a dry cloth.
3. Lemon juice helps whiten white tiles and gout. The common problem with white tiles and tile gouts are that they easily gather dirt. But you don’t need to use the strong smelly bleach just to make them white again. There’s one kitchen buddy that can do the job. Squeeze a cup of lemon juice and apply it sparingly over the discoloured area and brush it off. Leave it for a while then spray some water. Brush again and rinse and voila your tiles are as good as new.