Cleaning Carpets Without Machines

One day, you might be faced with a situation where your vacuum cleaner suddenly stops working and you can’t get a new one immediately. When this moment comes, you don’t actually have to leave your carpet to gather dust until you are able to get a new carpet. There are some cleaning tools which can do the job for you without the help of any machines.
Here are some tips on how to clean your carpet without a vacuum cleaner:
Tip no. 1 Sweep it up.
You can actually use a broom along with a carpet brush. Believe it or not, the orthodox way can sometimes be more effective than the modern one. Sweeping the floor and then brushing it can actually remove dust and dirt. Moreover, it can also help get rid of all the human and even the pet hairs that seem to be stuck in your carpet. When doing so, just make sure that you control your strokes and the pressure that you apply. Overdoing this cleaning method can cause damage to your carpet.
Tip no. 2 Dry it out.
Another important tip in keeping your carpet clean is that you should not let liquid stains stay too long on the carpet. Otherwise, it will spread to a wider area and stick to the fibers making it more difficult to clean. It’s unavoidable that there will be spilled drinks and if you have a pet or a child at home, your carpet might also get a dose of pee stains. Keep a highly absorbent washcloth in handy so every time something spills on the carpet you can immediately dry it out.
Tip no. 3 Wash it off.
For stains that are a bit more difficult to remove, you don’t really need a carpet cleaning machine. The solutions are actually within you reach. You can use white vinegar and water solution or use your dishwashing liquid. Apply it in the area in order to remove the stain. Then rinse it with water and leave it to dry.
With these tips, it can be easy to manage your carpet without even plugging in a single carpet cleaning machine.