Cleaning Up Iced Chocolate Drink Spills on the Carpet

Everyone enjoys drinks when they are cold and chocolate is certainly not an exception to this. More and more people are loving iced chocolate drinks since it is really sweet and tasty and full of flavor. Having an iced chocolate drink on a hot and humid summer day is certainly one excellent way to refresh yourself.

If you are going to drink iced chocolate inside your home though be sure to avoid spilling the drink as this will certainly cause a major mess. One of the worst places where you can spill your iced chocolate drink is on the carpet since this will undoubtedly cause a very ugly stain that will take a lot of effort to remove.

This kind of stain can ruin the appearance of a perfectly good carpet so cleaning it properly is essential. Take a read at the guide below to learn how you can clean up the iced chocolate drink spill on the carpet the right way.

Start things off by using some paper towels to absorb the spilled drink on your carpet. The iced chocolate drink can penetrate deep into the carpet fibers if you do not clean it up right away so make sure you do this swiftly and properly.

With the spilled iced chocolate already removed in the previous step, cleaning up the ugly dark stain that it has caused on your carpet is step number two. You will need some cleaning solutions for this step so take a look in your closet to see if you have some available. Always see to it though that you use only cleaning products which are safe for your carpets to avoid any issues and problems.

Pour the cleaning solution that you have on hand onto the drink stain on your carpet and then just let it stay there for a few minutes. Then get a clean paper towel or a white cloth and begin to blot the stain again and again. The stain is going to become lighter as you proceed in blotting it so just repeat the process until the carpet is spotless once more.

To finally finish the job, rinse the spot on the carpet where the iced chocolate drink was spilled with a cup of water to remove any residue that could be found there. Then complete the task by blotting the area with a clean towel until it is thoroughly dry.