How to Remove Molds in Tiles

Molds are some of the worst enemies of tiles. This is especially true for tiles which are found in areas where they are usually kept moist. These areas include the kitchen and the bathroom.
Most people find molds to be stubborn as they keep on growing back no matter how many times you clean up. But a problem that a lot of people often miss out on is the toxicity of the mold. There are actually various types of molds and their presence can cause various problems. The effects range from mild allergies to deadly reactions from toxins. So you have to be wary of molds and be cautious when handling them. The following are some tips to help you:
1. Avoid letting moisture sit. Although the environment of the tile is generally moist with all the water works going on, it helps to make sure that once you’re done, you don’t leave all the droplets on the tiles. Try to wipe it off and leave your tiles clean and dry every time. There’s no guarantee that molds won’t grow, but they’re less likely to because the essential factor of moisture is absent in that environment.
2. Inspect the molds. In case you fin spots with molds, inspect them closely to check what type of molds they are. It is best to use a mask in doing so. Try to check the color, the texture and the size of the growth in your tiles. Be wary of molds with weird colors and especially the black ones because they are usually toxic.
3. If you suspect that the molds are toxic do not make the mistake of trying to handle them on your own. Call an expert immediately so that they can check what type of mold it is and handle it properly. This step is for your own safety. Besides, experts can also give you tips on how to prevent regrowth of this type of mold.
4. For non-toxic ones, you can remove them through steam cleaning. A solution made with bicarbonate of soda can also help. But if it keeps on regrowing, you can use an anti-fungal solution. There are now several  types sold in home departments so you can grab one easily.
More important than getting rid of molds is to prevent them from growing. Regular cleaning will do the trick. Top that with keeping the areas moist and you’d rarely have to face mold problems.