Guide to Removing Guacamole Spills on the Carpet

If you are having a game day party at home, it would not be complete without some chips and dip. While many people just settle for buying ready-to-eat dip in stores, there is just something about preparing your own guacamole dip that makes the entire experience even better.

Some nacho chips and guacamole are a perfect match. What isn't a match is some delicious guacamole on your beautiful carpet at home. This is not a totally uncommon combination though as a lot of people tend to spill their guacamole causing a very big mess on the carpet.

Cleaning up guacamole spills on the carpet can be really frustrating to clean and if you don't do a good job then you could be looking at a stubborn stain where a clean patch of your carpet fibers used to be. To help you out, follow the simple guide in removing the guacamole spills on your carpet at home.

  • Extract the spilled guacamole on your carpet as quickly as possible. Acting fast can have a huge impact since this would mean that the spill will not have the chance to penetrate a larger area of your carpet. Use a clean spoon or a dull knife to remove the spill until your carpet area is clear of it.
  • Using a cleaning solution on the stain is the next step that you have to do. You can make your own cleaning solution simply by mixing  about a teaspoon of dish liquid and approximately one cup of warm water. Stir the dish liquid in the warm water thoroughly and then place the solution in an empty spray bottle.
  • Use the spray bottle filled with the cleaning agent you have made to spray the affected area of your carpet a few times. Do not overuse the cleaning agent as you never want to have too much residue later on. After applying the solution, get a clean paper towel and slowly blot the stained area using it.
  • Continuously blot the stained area of soiled carpet until it is clean. This may not always happen as fast as you wanted to but just keep at it until your carpet is clean and spotless once more.
  • The last thing you have to do is to use clean water to remove the residue that could harm your carpet fibers later on. Use a clean rag to dry everything off and your carpet should be as good as new once more.