Guide in Removing Hair Dye Stains on the Rug

Our hair is one part of our body which is the focus of attention from the people that we see every day. It can be a source of pride but for those people who are becoming gray it can be the complete opposite. Thankfully there are now hair dyes that you can use to help remove the gray streaks on your hair as well as to make it look beautiful and gorgeous. You can even use it to apply different colors to your hair to improve your appearance.
Hair dyes are inexpensive and really easy to use. You can even apply it on your own in the comfort of your own home. Sadly, this is the reason why some homeowners have hair dye stains on their rugs. A small spill of the hair dye can cause an ugly stain thus you should know what to do if ever you are faced with this situation. If ever you have this problem in your home, refer to the handy guide below that you can follow.
The very first thing that you must focus on is to remove the spilled hair dye on your rug. You must use some paper towels to slowly and carefully blot the dye to eliminate it from your rug fibers. You must exercise caution for this step to avoid smearing the hair dye further.
After removing as much of the hair dye spill as you can, the next step is to make a homemade cleaning solution that will get rid of the stain left on your rug. To make this cleaning solution all you have to do is to combine one part of clear ammonia with four parts of warm water.
Now that you have the cleaning solution already made, the next thing you will have to do is to apply the solution on the stained fibers of your rug. After you have done so, wait for a couple of minutes before you go ahead and blot the stained portion of your rug repeatedly. Blotting the stain is essential if you want to get your rug back to normal.
After some time of blotting the hair dye stain the carpet will become spotless once more. Once you are at this step you should go ahead and rinse the area you finished cleaning to remove the residue that could stay behind. Pour a cup of room temperature water on the spot you cleaned and then dry it off to finish the task.