5 Tips to Keep Your Carpet Clean so it Lasts a Lifetime

As much as we try to be careful, humans are prone to clumsiness. This leads to spills and accidents that make a once pristine carpet look like something from your worst nightmare. Whether your teen-age daughter thought it would be a good idea to paint her nails in the living room or your spouse’s friends spilled beer when your team scored a touchdown, there’s a way to remove those eye-catching stains and make your carpet good as new again. Just follow these tips to keep your carpet clean and extend its lifetime.
1.      Leave Shoes at the Door
It might go without saying, but one of the biggest risks to tracking in dirt and stains are your shoes. Make sure guests take them off and leave them at the door. However, leaving socks on is also important in maintaining your carpets. Skin carries oil and other particles that can get into the carpet over time.
2.      Vacuum Regularly
The first step to keeping your carpet clean and lasting a lifetime is to vacuum at least once a week, sometimes more in high traffic areas like entryways and around chairs. Soil collects easily in carpets, even if it’s not an obvious mark. Allergens, dust, and mites all collect and require regular vacuuming for proper maintenance.
3.      Blot Spills and Spots
Although you might be tempted to run to the offending spill and immediately start rubbing away as you would if something fell on the counter or your skin, carpets don’t work that way. Rubbing spills and spots can actually spread a stain, making the situation even worse. Instead, blot the stain to prevent spreading.
4.      Use the Proper Cleaner
Let's say someone spills nail polish on your carpet. Although water might work for some stains, and club soda is always a go-to for alcoholic beverages, there’s no way it will be effective in getting out that nail polish. Instead, try spraying a little Windex on the area and let it sit before gently wiping it away. Another secret to removing most stains is shaving cream. Just count to 30 and blot out the stain. Depending on the type of stain should determine your cleaning technique.
5.      Get your Carpet Cleaned Professionally
Although you might be able to do a good job maintaining your carpet throughout the year, it’s a good idea to get it professionally cleaned once a year.  Actually, most carpet warranties require it. Professional cleaning extracts dirt and other particles that have settled far into the carpet, and can’t be reached by regular vacuums.
Caring for a carpet doesn’t have to be difficult, as long as you have the knowledge and the right tools. Even if your family is prone to accidents and spills, all is not lost. Following these tips will ensure sure your carpet remains free of spots and stains and last longer than you’d expect.