Removing Carpet Stains

Carpets as flooring materials can enhance your home by adding a great degree of elegance and sophistication. Friends and family who visit will be amazed at the wide array of colors, textures and patterns that these beautiful materials provide.
While carpets can be a great way of sprucing up your home’s d├ęcor, staincan take its toll significantly.  Stains can even permanently damage your carpet’s fibers and dampen its overall appearance.
It doesn’t matter the spill; the procedure of treating carpet stains never really changes. Learn how to treat these stains when they occur by following the tips that I’m about to provide below. Stay tuned!

Tips for Removing Carpet Stains


-      Get rid of any excess as soon as possible
Use a butter knife or spoon to scrape off any remaining solidified stain. This way, the spill won’t stain the carpet permanently.
To do this:
·       Use a clean absorbent cloth to blot the excess liquid.
Avoid spreading by starting at the edges then move towards the center. You should never rub! Just blot. Rubbing might completely destroy the carpet fibers.
·       Repeat this process until there’s no color picked up on the cloth.

-      Apply a cleanser
·       If there’s any leftover stains on the carpet, use a cleanser to spray the area. (Homemade remedies or store-purchased cleaning agents can be used.)
·       Don’t soak the carpet by over-spraying.
·       Allow it to stand for 15 minutes.

-      Blot the stain away
·       Use an unspotted sponge-like cloth to blot the stain. (Outside to center as mentioned above)
·       Repeat the process until you observe that no stain is being transferred to the cloth.
·       Use cold water to blot.

-      Leave it to dry
Quick Tip: In thoroughly drying the area:
·       Use a thick piece of cloth or paper towel to cover the area.
·       Place a heavy object on top of it.
·       Alternate the paper towels until the area is properly dried.
Treating Common Carpet Stains:
Chewing gum:
·       Use a bread knife or spoon to strip away as much of the gum as possible.
·       Place ice cubes over the remainder of the gum to harden it.
·       Peel away the gum with a spoon or break knife (or any other dull object)
·       Vacuum the area.
·       Use a carpet-cleaning agent to clean the leftover stain.
Urine: Use an alchemical cleanser and apply it to the area.
Blood: Use club soda or cold water on the area then use a clean cloth to blot. Repeat the process until the stain is removed.
Juice or wine: Spray area with club soda then use a clean cloth to blot. Repeat the process until the stain is removed.


Carpets are very useful for enhancing home beauty but stains can pose a great deal of problems. However, there are different methods of removing carpet stains. If you wish to perform your own stain-removal routine, please refer to the guidelines above. Good luck!