Vinyl Floor Maintenance Tips

Installing a vinyl floor is a way to jazz up any place! But did you know that taking care of it essential in maintaining that “new floor glimmer”?They don’t only add glamor to your home, they can easily be taken care of while providing you with a healthy and salubrious home. Getting all excited already? I really hope so!
Being a floor-cleaning expert, I’m going to explain to you my vinyl floor cleaning routine and discuss some best practices with you as well so that you can allow your floor to have that sleek look all the time. Let’s start.
Firstly, it is important that you use a vacuum cleaner or a broom to eliminate dust. Why? Because this prevents dirt or dust from accumulating. Moreover, it makes floor maintenance much easier. Do this daily for best results!
Use a partially wet mop, neutral detergent and warm water to clean your vinyl floors at least once per week. It aids in getting rid of dirt and keeps your floor in great condition. In fact, a lot of water is not required for floor cleaning. Besides, floors that are lightly-colored usually require that you clean them more often.
In treating stains, don’t wait until they begin to absorb into your floors. Clean them immediately! Cleaning around the stain first, then gradually clean to the center. Afterward, rinse the area and use fresh water to wipe.
Treating stains that come about from lemon, vinegar or oil is very simple. Make sure to clean them right away to avoid discoloration of your vinyl floor’s surface.
Blood, ink and tomato stains may be eliminated by adding alcohol directly to the stain. However, you should make sure that you dilute the alcohol first! Leave it for about 10 minutes. Do not scrub. Following that, use water to rinse the area.
There are several substances that you should never use to clean your vinyl floors. These are:
-      Steam cleaners
-      Abrasive powders
-      Acetone
-      Solvents
-      Oil products
-      Varnish
These can dampen the look of your floor and have you getting all upset and miserable. I don’t want that to happen so please keep those in mind.
Vinyl floors are really easy to clean. They add style to your home and can create a clean and hygienic atmosphere in your home, as long as they are properly maintained. Please follow the tips above carefully, and you’ll see the best results after frequent cleaning.