Vinyl Floor Maintenance Tips

Have you ever walked into a well-decorated room designed with exquisite vinyl floors? From my experience, that’s a whole different level of uniqueness and style. However, I’ve always asked myself, “How is it that they achieve such level of maintenance?” That had me puzzled for a while until my friend Joe filled me in about the overall maintenance routine.
So, today I’ll be sharing some of Joe’s simple maintenance tips for vinyl floors. Stay tuned!

Maintaining Vinyl Floors

1.  Use a doormat to keep out chemicals and dirt.
Chemicals and dirt are two of the biggest oppressors of vinyl floors. However, a doormat helps to keep them at bay. Dirt that is tracked in results in more broom time. Materials such as grit reduce the finish that your vinyl floors have while asphalt chemicals can cause your floors to become yellow.

2.  Maintain the cleanliness of your vinyl floors
The best way to keep your floors in tip-top shape is to keep them clean. Try these simple cleaning routines to upkeep the overall condition and durability of your vinyl floors:
-      Sweep frequently.
-      Get rid of dirt immediately to prevent it from absorbing into your floors.
3.  Rinse properly to remove soap.
It is a known fact that soap helps to keep your floors clean but the leftover soap leaves a coating which accumulates dirt. My suggestion is that you perform damp mopping until your floors require more extensive cleaning. If floor washing is required, use a mop for washing and one for rinsing.
4.  Don’t saturate your vinyl floors
Overly wetting your mop can cause excess water to run into edges, seams, and cracks. Once that happens, the glue bonds that keeps the vinyl down will be destroyed causing it to become loose or the corners to curl.
5.  Ensure that your furniture is outfitted with protective coats on its feet.
Heavy-duty furniture such as refrigerators and tables can damage your vinyl floors if they occupy an area permanently. Because of this, you should make sure that your furniture is fitted with floor protectors. You can find these at home-improvement centers or hardware stores.


If you want your home to have an exquisite d├ęcor and unique design, then vinyl floors are most suitable. Areas such as auditoriums, drama rooms, or offices are great for this type of flooring. Maintaining your vinyl floors won’t cause you a headache. Instead, you’ll be surprised at the simplicity of this routine. Don’t hesitate to get cleaning!