5 Not-So-Secret Methods for Carpet Cleaning from the Pros

No matter how meticulous you are at keeping your carpets clean, they will ultimately become victims of accidents, spills, drops, and even chewing gum stuck to the sole of your shoes. Good thing professional carpet cleaners are willing to share some methods for easy carpet cleaning. Here are five not-so-secret methods from the professional carpet cleaners on how to clean stained carpets.

Method #1: The Blotting Method

When cleaning the carpet, it is recommended that you dab the stains with a clean sponge, cloth, or paper towel damped with cleaning solution. Blotting puts pressure on a stain, enough to soak it all up. Avoid rubbing on the stained spot on the carpet because doing so causes the stain to spread out. The fibers of the carpet will also prematurely breakdown because of that. When blotting, start from the outside going inward to avoid spreading out the stain.

Method #2: The Shaving Cream Option

For general stains, an effective substance to remove them from the carpet is just shaving cream. Just apply enough shaving cream to the stain directly. Leave it there for half an hour. After letting the shaving cream set, use a dry cloth to blot everything away. Once done, spray the blotted area with a solution made with one cup vinegar and one cup water. Wipe away the sprayed solution with a clean cloth.

Method #3: The Club Soda Mix

Ordinarily, club soda is effective against wine and beer stains on clothes and other surfaces. If you use it correctly, it should be applicable for carpet cleaning too. Start by blotting the stained area on the carpet with a cloth dabbed in soda.

Method #4: The Dishwasher Detergent Mix

The carpet might get stained with difficult-to-remove grease stains. To remove the said stain, you just need to mix one to two drops of grease-cutting liquid dishwashing detergent in one cup water. Transfer the mixture into a spray bottle. Spray it directly on the stain. The mixture should cut through the oily, greasy stain in the carpet. Rinse and blot it up afterward.

Method #5: Instant Freeze Method

If you have accidentally transferred a piece of chewed gum you picked up from the streets into the carpet, then you have to make sure to remove this sticky, gross mess as soon as possible. The best way to remove chewed gum from your carpet is to freeze it first before lifting it up. To do that, get some ice cubes. You can freeze the chewed gum using the cubes for half a minute. After the gum has been frozen solid, lift it up using a spoon. If there are strands sticking to the gum, cut them as close as possible to the glob.