Treating Pet Stains


So, after all the nagging from your kids about getting a pet, you finally got one. He’s really cute and friendly, the kids love him, and everything seems to be going great! “What an accomplishment!”, you may think to yourself.
Things may be going well now, but what will happen when your carpet becomes his “place of relief”? Will you be happy, then? I doubt it. How will you remove the stain and unpleasant odor?
Well, it all depend on to how well you can remove the stain and stench. But, even if you clean your carpet properly, how will you know that your pet won’t habitually use it as his “personal restroom”? Let’s see how I can help.

Removing Pet Stains from your Carpet

·       Locate stained area(s), then clean properly.Cleaning the area properly will help to remove the scent of the animal’s body fluid, preventing him from tracking back to the same area and committing the same “crime”.
·       For areas on the carpet that are still wet, consider soaking up all (or most) of the urine. To do this:
-      Use large napkins or a dry piece of cloth. Don’t let the urine dry on your carpet!
-      Cover the wet area with the napkins and place the dry cloth underneath it.
-      Take a stand on this filling and wait for about 5 minutes.
-      Remove the padding and then repeat the process until the area is partially dry.
·       After the area is well cleaned, use a good pet odor neutralizer to get rid of the odor.Read the directions carefully and try the cleaner on a piece of the carpet that is not really visible. If it doesn’t stain, then you can use it for the stained area on the carpet.
NOTE:Harsh chemicals like vinegar and ammonia have very strong odors which can refresh your pet’s eagerness to continue doing his “dirty works” on your carpet by heightening the scent of the area.
·       Use a wet vacuum cleaner to eliminate strong stain tracks. This machine actually cleans your carpet by pushing clean water through it and catches the dirty water that comes out. Talk about efficiency!


Pets will be pets. They will do what they feel like, whenever they feel like – even when trained. Your carpets will always be your pet’s “place of relief”, but there are several steps that you can follow to deter this practice. Keep your carpet healthy, fresh, and clean. Spot won’t be happy, but your visitors will!