A Fantastic Tile-Cleaning Guide

So, you want to decorate your home. You’ve asked around for great ideas to make your home look attractive and sophisticated, but no luck. Fortunately, I have an excellent idea that will sound simple, but will be a big difference! Tile your floors. That’s it!

Tile floors add flamboyant confidence to your indoor or outdoor spaces and often come in a wide array of different colors, patterns, and styles to meet the requirements of almost all customers.
Almost all the rooms in my home have tile floors. But, how do I properly maintain them? Good question, isn’t it? Well, cleaning tile floors isn’t difficult. With a few simple steps, your floors can last longer and look even better for years and years to come.

Cleaning Tile Floors – A Few Useful and Easy Steps

The Basics

-      Regularly vacuum or sweep your tile floors to prevent dullness. Tiles might have resistance to dirt, but grit and sand can take the edge off glazed surfaces.
-      Use a soft rag or cloth with clean water and mild detergent to clean tile. Don’t use a sponge mop to clean, since the latter will cause dirty water to be pushed into the grout lines, making them more difficult to clean. Additionally, you should replace dirty water with fresh, clean water while mopping to prevent the floors from becoming cloudy.

Removing Residue

If your tile floors look foggy, the soapy residue may be the main or sole cause.
-      Use a mild general-purpose cleaner to remove the film. If you have ceramic tiles, you could try using a nonabrasive acid, for example, fresh lemon juice. However, you should never use it on marble tiles. I urge you!
-      Use clean water to rinse thoroughly, then using a soft cloth (preferably lint free), buff dry.
-      Use your feet to waltz the cloth over the floor to dry.

Cleaning Grout

Grout is the number one factor that affects how your tile floors look. Grout is penetrable and sops up stains such as grease. Instead of using store-bought cleaners, you can simply make your own by following the steps below:
-      Create a paste by using water and baking soda.
-      Apply it to the stain and allow it to sit overnight.
-      The next morning, use a sturdy nylon brush to scrub the stain.
-      Repeat the process, as necessary.
-      Drive away stains that may occur in the future by applying a sealer that has silicone as its base.

There’s nothing more pleasing that a room with well-maintained tile floors. Cleaning your tile floors is the best way to keep them looking attractive and increasing their durability. The cleaning procedure is usually simple, but it all depend on how dirty your tile floors are. Happy cleaning!