Cleaning Your Carpets: The Ultimate Guide

I remember the days when you couldn’t find a single carpet in my home. I mean, I just didn’t know if it’d make a difference if I added a few. But, all this time my home had a deficiency of more enhanced grandeur and stylishness.
The day I finally added some carpets to my home was a day to remember. They came in different colors and patterns to match almost any style of home decoration. Regardless of the color painted used on your walls or the color of your furniture, there are carpets that can go well with them.
While carpets can transform your home into a breathtaking and well-ornamented palace, it is vital that they are properly cleaned. Sadly, dirt and stains can dampen their attractiveness or even cause permanent damage.
Worry not. I’ve got you covered. Let’s look at some tips to keep your carpets looking brand fresh and free from dirt and stains.

Removing Carpet Stains: Some Useful Tips

Stain, the number one culprit for damaging your carpets and lessening their level of attractiveness and sophistication. Thankfully, there are many different ways to keep dirt and stains at bay so your carpet can remain in tip-top shape.
-      Prevent dirt and stains from absorbing into your carpets.
Dirt and stains have a reputation for damaging carpets, but by regularly vacuuming them, you’ll be doing them nothing but good.
-      Treat stains as soon as they occur!
Whenever something spills on your carpet, treat the area right away! Using a spoon or butter knife is the best way to remove solidified stains to prevent your carpet from becoming permanently stained.
To clean stains:
°        Blot the excess liquid with a clean sponge-like cloth.
Blot around the area then slowly move toward the center. BLOT, DON’T RUB!Rubbing the area may cause the stain to spread or even damage the carpet fibers.
°        Repeat until there’s no color picked up on the cloth.
-      Use a cleaner to treat the stained area.
°        Apply a cleaner to the area if you observe that there are still stains on the carpet.
°        Sparingly apply the clean as the carpet may become soaked if too much is applied.
°        Let the carpet sit for 10 - 15 minutes.
-      Blot away the stain.
°        Use cold water and a clean sponge-like cloth to blot the stain. (Outwards to inwards as I mentioned above.)
°        Repeat the process until there’s no observed color being transferred to the cloth.
-      Allow it to dry.


A home without carpets is a home that’s missing out on something big, something stylish, relaxing, elegant, and sophisticated. Carpets come in many different colors, shades, textures, and patterns to match any home d├ęcor.
Cleaning your carpets can be easy if you follow the above steps carefully, but things can get a bit technical if you allow stains to sit in them for a long while.Either way, your carpets need to be properly cleaned. Good luck, my friend!