Quick-Cleaning Guide for Linoleum Floors

The holidays are soon upon us! It’s the perfect time to decorate and create a beautiful and serene atmosphere for your visitors, don’t you think? Of course!
Linoleum floors are a great decorative option, especially if you’re working with a small budget. For one, they are really flexible and often require a low level of maintenance. However, it’s important to point out that linoleum floors are not as durable as vinyl floors.
Because of this, cleaning your linoleum floors will require a bit more caution. Using caustic chemical solutions to clean your linoleum floors and failing to follow the necessary precautions can all lead to the damage of your floors’ surface.
Below, you’ll discover some wonderful cleaning tips to keep your linoleum floors in tip-top shape. Let’s go!

Maintaining Clean Linoleum Floors

1.  Remove any existing loose dirt or debris from the surface of the material. This can be achieved by vacuuming your linoleum floors with the vacuum cleaner on the “hard floor” setting. Additionally, you can use a soft broom to thoroughly sweep them. While you vacuum or sweep, make sure that you don’t overlook corners, crevices, and underneath furniture.
2.  Create a suitable cleaning solution.
-      Pour a few drops of dishwashing soap in a bucket filled with about a gallon of hot water. (Make sure not to use harsh or acidic chemicals). The regular dishwashing liquid will work perfectly.
-      Following that, stir the solution gently.
3.  Dip the mop into the soapy mixture, wring it thoroughly, then use it to wipe the linoleum. Because standing water can easily damage, I recommend using a small amount of water when cleaning the floor.
4.  Divide the room into segments of 6 x 6 inches. Wipe one section at a time, wringing out the mop after each section. Ensure that you wring it dry before moving on to the next section. Repeat until the entire floor is cleaned.
5.  Throw away the used water, then rinse both the bucket and the mop with fresh water.
6.  Repeat Step 4, using only fresh, cleaning water; no soap. Doing this will get rid of any leftover residue from the soap.
7.  Finally, place a few old clothes on the floor to remove any moisture that may be left behind.


If you want to decorate your home this holiday without having to rob the bank, linoleum floors are the way to go! Linoleum floors are very affordable and require a low level of maintenance. Time’s going! Get your linoleum floors today!