Treating Pet Stains

So after much thought, I decided to get myself a pet. One of my friends had two puppies, so he gave offered me the smallest of the two. I called him Charlie. He was so adorable! For weeks I couldn’t wait to come home just to see him.
One evening, I left work early to spend time with Charlie. As soon as I opened the front door, I was hit by a really awful odor. I tried to locate the area where the scent was coming from not knowing that Charlie had created a mess on the carpet in the living room.
The carpet was stained really bad. I thought about hiring professional cleaners to deal with the stain, but Charlie needed feeding that evening. Hence, I decided to treat the stain by myself.
Below, I’ll share my stain-removal process with you. Stay tuned!

Removing Pet Stains: A Few Easy Steps

1.  Locate Soiled Area(s)

Finding the specific areas where your pet created the mess is very important. Keep in mind that your pet will return to the exact area to commit the same crime as long as he’s able to sniff out his own bodily emissions.
In fact, even if you’re unable to smell the scent, your pet can! As a result, you definitely need to completely remove the odor. This may be achieved by following the suggested cleaning guidelines.
Finding the Soiled Area(s)
There are some stained areas that can be easily discovered, but others that have been completely dried up can cause you a great headache.
Nevertheless, you can follow these guidelines to locate the stained areas:
-      Old soiled areas can be found by using a black light.
-      As an alternative, you can sniff around until you locate the area where the odor is strongest.
-      Thoroughly scrutinize the area to arrive at the soiled areas. 

2.  Cleaning the Carpets

Removing Fresh Stains:
-      Use a dry cloth or newspaper to soak up most of the urine.
-      A smart idea is to place the freshly soaked newspaper or cloth in the designated “relieving area” of your pet. Doing this will train them to utilize the correct area for relieving himself.
-      Thoroughly clean the area with water.
-      Vacuum the area to get rid of the excess water or blot the area with a clean cloth.
Removing Old Stains:
-      Use an extractor or wet vacuum to remove the remains of heavily stained areas.
-      After cleaning the area, use a strong pet odor neutralizer to remove odor.
-      If you observe that the stains have not been completely removed after extraction and neutralization, use a high-end stain remover for the carpet.
1. Steam cleaners produce heat which may further engrave the stains and odor in the carpet. Therefore, it is not recommended.
2. Using chemicals such as Ammonia or vinegar is not recommended. These chemicals are not really suitable for properly expelling the urine odor. You may just see your efforts go to waste when your pet returns to the same area!


Pets can be an incredible asset to your home. Your kids will go crazy for them! And so will you when you find out that your favorite carpet has been stained. Even more, the odor may have you living under a tree.
Cleaning pet stain is fairly simple, but it’s important that you clean the soiled areas properly to deter your pets from returning to the area to relieve themselves!