Spot Removal Tricks

Regardless of your efforts to keep your carpets clean, they will eventually suffer from spills, dirt, dust, and debris. No need to worry, though.
We’ve asked around for some professional advice on how properly maintain carpets to keep them looking and smelling fresh and clean. Here are some great pieces of advice that were given.

1.  Clean Pet Stains with Organic Cleaners

No matter how well your pet is trained, it can still take your carpet for a “dumping area”. Professionals lean more toward organic cleaners instead of using chemicals.
-      Spray the clean at the stain. (You’ll need to scrub gently as well)
-      Use towels or a piece of cloth to wipe up the cleaner.
NOTE: Cleaners such as Eco-Spot can also be utilized in the removal of different stains including stains from sauces and coffee.

2.  Use Shaving Cream

Believe or not, experts say that the regular shaving cream is one of the best cleaners for carpets. It will help to remove stains of almost any type.
-      Directly apply the cream to the stain and allow it to sit for about half hour.
-      After the cream is set, use a dry white cloth to blot it away.
-      Finally, spray the area with a 1:1 water and vinegar solution, then use a cloth to wipe away the solution.

3.  Removing Dried Chewing Gum

Dried chewing gum must be the most difficult stain to remove. However, getting it out of your carpet requires a few steps.
-      Obtain a few ice cubes.
-      Use the ice cubes to freeze the gum for about a minute.
-      As soon as the gum is completely frozen, lift the gum with a spoon, cutting the carpet strands that are closest to the gum. (The spot shouldn’t be visible if you cut only a small section of the carpet)

4.  The Dishwasher Detergent’s Fight Against Grease

Grease stains are often very difficult to remove. Nevertheless, using one or two drops of “grease-smashing” dishwashing detergent – Joy, for example – in a cupful of water can be very effective.
This solution will remove the grease stains from your carpet, similar to how it washes grease from dishes.
-      Pour the solution into a spray bottle.
-      Spray the solution on the stain, then blot.
NOTE: You may be required to repeat this procedure several times to remove stains that are larger and more difficult to remove.


While your efforts to keep your carpets clean is always necessary, it’s important to know that stains, dirt, and other harmful intruders will plague your carpets from day to day.
Therefore, knowing how to overcome such undesirable situations is of great vitality!