Upholstery Spot Removal

People often say that a home is not a home without well-kept furniture. And, of course, I agree! Dirt and stains have a thing for upholstery. Clean them today and by tomorrow, they’re dirty again. What a headache!
It’s very important to pay attention to the furniture in your home. In fact, observing them will help get them cleaned as soon as possible and even prevent permanent damage.
Without further hesitation, I’ll give you some insight on how to keep your upholstery in pristine condition by following a few easy steps.
Tips for Removing Spots from Upholstery

Inevitably, your upholstery will begin to wear if not maintained. If you observe any form of deterioration or signs of dirt and stains, you need to vacuum it!
Vacuuming your upholstery helps to remove dust and dirt that might cause further stains if they become wet.
If you have a settee, you can use an upholstery accessory to reach crevices and corners and clean the cushions properly.
More importantly, a pet hair remover is a great tool to have if you have pets at home. This device will help eliminate pet hairs.
      Blot stains and/or spills
If you have fresh stains on your furniture, it’s important to get them removed ASAP to prevent them from absorbing into the furniture.
As a result, you should blot the stained area or the area where the spill occurred to prevent it from spreading. The more you wait, the more the spill will spread, so do this quickly.
Don’t Rub. Just Blot!Blotting the stain will just cause it to spread all over the furniture.
      Follow cleaning codes
Before starting any form of cleaning, you must know the suitable method(s) of cleaning. This is achieved by reading the cleaning codes that are associated with your furniture. The cleaning codes usually provide the best methods of removing stains
Some stains can be removed with just water, but some will require special chemicals. If there are no cleaning codes for your furniture, you may try cleaning an area on the furniture that cannot be easily seen.
Use water or vinegar and Vodka to clean for testing. If everything is okay afterward, you can use more powerful chemicals.


Upholstery can be very expensive, so cleaning is a must! Not only that, but it’s the only way to keep them looking and smelling fresh and clean.
By following the steps above, your family can continue to dwell in the joy of having undamaged and spotless furniture in your house.