Useful Tips for Vacuuming Carpets

After purchasing a brand new carpet, you want it to look and smell fresh for a lifetime. However, thoroughly vacuuming your carpet is the best way to keep it looking and smelling great.
Take it from me; vacuuming is a really simple task. Whenever you vacuum your carpet, it’s important to make sure that it is done in the most effective way possible.
Yes, vacuuming is easy, but a vast number of people constantly make mistakes that often result in ineffective vacuuming and partial damage to the vacuum cleaner itself.
Without further ado, let’s look at some useful techniques for vacuuming your carpets.

1. Dusting

-      The first step before vacuuming your carpet is to dust. Dusting your carpet helps to remove any dirt or dust that may present themselves when you begin vacuuming.
If you fail to remove the dust and dirt, the vacuum cleaner would scatter them all over the floor! That’s something to avoid at all cost.

2. Relocate Furniture

-      Dirt and dust can be very deceitful. They may hide under your furniture while you vacuum, then appear after you’ve finished vacuuming.
-      Subsequently, rearranging your furniture before you vacuum your carpet enables you to reach any dirt that may be hiding under them.
-      Furthermore, you may quickly check for any dirt on the carpet and collect all small objects that the vacuum cleaner could take up.

3. Check Vacuum Bag

-      Always check to see if the vacuum bag is full. If it is, you don’t have to dispose of the bag. Instead, you can empty it, then reuse it. Talk about conservation!
On top of that, you should only empty the bag when it’s full.
-      Several vacuum cleaners have advanced technologically to notify you about when the bag is full. This way, you no longer have to manually check the bag.

4. How often should you vacuum?

-      Vacuum at least twice per week for the best results. For high traffic areas, a maximum of three times a week is ideal.
-      Regularly vacuuming your carpet will help to get rid of any dirt that is embedded in the fibers.


Vacuuming can be very easy, but some persons still fail to get the required results from their efforts. Failure usually stems from repeated mistakes which reduce the effectiveness of the vacuuming process.
Not to worry, though. By following the simple guidelines above, you’ll be on your way to seeing great results!