How to Care for Your Silk Rugs

If you’ve ever visited one of those luxurious, highly decorated, and expensive homes in the Upper East Side, you’ll notice a wide range of rugs, especially silk rugs. Silk rugs help to transform any space into a well-embellished sanctuary, whether indoors or outdoors.
Some homeowners usually employ professional cleaners to care for their silk rugs, but that doesn’t mean you have to do the same. Yes, it’s wise to hire professionals, but if you choose to clean your silk rugs on your own, you need to be extremely cautious. The smallest mishap can lead to undesirable outcomes.
Silk rugs are nothing like your regular rugs. They are made from water and protein; making them very distinct and receptive to damage. I’m here to guide you as you take on this somewhat challenging journey. Here goes!
1.    Get rid of dirt and dust
-       Vacuum thoroughly with a brushless suction head. Don’t use roller brushes or beaters as they may pull up fibers, causing severe damage.
-       Sweep gently with a soft broom to impede damage to the fibers.
-       Give the rug a proper shaking to remove any embedded dirt and dust that may be present even after vacuuming and sweeping.
2.    How to Treat Stains
When treating dry stains, avoid using any liquid. For wet stains, just blot the area with water. Keep in mind that silk is delicate and is sensitive to hot water. Therefore, hot water may destroy the protein within the rug, ruining it partially or entirely.
As a result, wash the rug with lukewarm water. Also, keep corrosive chemicals at bay.
To remove stains:
-       Attend to and treat stains without delay!
-       Scoop up solid spills with a spoon. Ensure that you don’t scrape the fibers.
-       Liquid spills can be removed by applying gentle pressure to the area, then using a clean, white cloth to blot it until most of the liquid is absorbed.
-       Combine one part, water, and one part, vinegar. Pour it onto a piece of cloth, then use it to blot the area. Afterward, use a clean, dry cloth to soak up the excess water and allow the rug to dry.
Things to Avoid
-       Commercial cleaning products
-       Heat (in the drying process)
The above-mentioned may cause permanent damage or discoloration of the rug if used.


Silk rugs are a creative and unique way to add elegance and attractiveness to your home. However, silk rugs are made from water and protein, which make them receptive to damage. Because of this, one must be very cautious when cleaning this type of flooring material.