How to Clean Linoleum Floors

There’s often a confusion between vinyl and linoleum floors among homeowners. Nonetheless, both flooring materials are different in numerous ways. Linoleum floors are costlier and usually require a low level of maintenance. In addition, linoleum is very flexible and powerful.
The main drawback of linoleum is its typical short-lived durability. Because of this, you need to be cautious when cleaning or maintaining this type of flooring material. Not to worry, though. I’ve got you covered!
Below are some useful tips to help you clean your linoleum floors effectively. Check them out!

Tips for Cleaning Linoleum Floors

-         Clean floors with vinegar and water
·        Pour several drops of vinegar in a few liters of waters (about 10 liters).
·        Mop the floor with the mixture.
·        Let the floor air dry.
Knowledge: Perform this routine at least two times a week for optimal results. Vinegar helps to prevent the accumulation of wax, making it an ideal cleaner for vinyl floors.
-         Use bleach and water to tackle stains
·        Thoroughly sweep the linoleum.
·        Create a mixture with 1 part, bleach, and 4 parts, water.
·        Scrub the linoleum, using the mixture.
·        Re-wipe with vinegar to lessen the harshness of the bleach.
To remove scuffs:
·        Get a buck of warm water
·        Add a few drops of vinegar
·        Wipe the floor with the solution
-         Expose linoleum to sunlight to prevent yellowing
Typically, linoleum floors may start to yellow.  This happens because the linoleum lacks or is deficient in exposure to sunlight. As a result, you may regularly open up several windows to let the sunlight beam through. This helps to prevent yellowing.


Cleaning your linoleum floors is generally not very challenging. If you have the right tools and you’re willing to put in the time and effort, you’ll be filled with happiness after seeing the results. Vinegar and water together is one of the most powerful cleaners for vinyl floors. However, you can add a small amount of bleach for additional power. Using too much bleach can result in skin-irritation problems with certain people. Whether you plan to hire professional cleaners or you decide to do it yourself, there should be nothing to prevent you from keeping your vinyl floors in elite condition.