How to Clean Upholstery

Upholstery plays a crucial role in beautifying and sprucing up your home’s aesthetic appeal. Highly sophisticated upholstery are usually pricey, but the value they add to your home can be quite extensive.
If you decide to purchase a sofa for your home, you may want to be knowledgeable about some effective cleaning methods to utilize. Be mindful that without properly maintaining your upholstery, they may get damaged easily.
There are several practical general-purpose household cleaners for upholstery, but it’s important to know which ones won’t irritate the fabric. Below, we’ll discover a few easy methods to help you yield the best results from your upholstery cleaning efforts. Stay tuned!

4 Ways to Clean Your Upholstery

The methods below are designed to help keep your upholstery in pristine condition.
1.    Use manufacturer-recommended products
Manufacturers always know best. Using products that are not recommended by manufacturers can result in temporary or permanent damage to the upholstery fabric. There’s usually a label attached to the upholstery that informs you about suitable cleaning products. Read the labels carefully, then follow the instructions to achieve the best results.
2.    Rotate Cushions Regularly
Rotating the cushions at least twice per week help to even out contrasts in overall appearance. Besides, when persons sit on the sofa, the cushions may become pressed out. Rotating the cushions from time to time helps to prevent them from looking crushed and uneven. You can also strip the cushions and pin the covers in an area where they’ll be exposed to sunlight to help kill bacteria.
3.    Clean Upholstery Weekly
Cleaning your upholstery on a weekly basis contributes to the elimination of accumulated dirt and dust. Nevertheless, you may need to clean your upholstery more frequently if they are heavily used.
Here are a few steps:
-       Remove dust and dirt from corners, crevices, and folds with a vacuum brush attachment.
-       Make sure to clean the legs and around the back area as well.
4.    Treat Spills and Stains
You just cannot prevent stains – no matter how hard you try to. However, you can lessen the possibility of spills by preventing people from eating or drinking on your sofa.
If something spills on your sofa, you should attend to the spill immediately. Disregarding the spill might cause the underlying pads to soak up the substance.
-       Blot the area with clean paper towels. Don’t rub!
-       If blotting doesn’t help, you can follow up with a dry cleaning solvent or a mild detergent.
-       Just apply the suds of the detergent to the spill or stain. Don’t use the liquid itself.


Upholstery is essential for home decoration on all levels. Their elegant and sophisticated designs usually attract a high cost, but they are worth it! Nonetheless, you need to clean your upholstery regularly to help preserve their overall appearance.