The Noble House business model is built on four simple pillars:

Experience, Expertise, Excellence
We have over 20 years of experience working on virtually every type of carpet, textile, fabric, and hard surface. And we take pride in our work! We use a systematic approach which assures your needs are met... from beginning to end. This includes the entire cleaning process as well as being chronically punctual, timely and perfectionists with our trade.

Due to our experience and expertise, other carpet & upholstery cleaning companies look to us for advice and help with difficult jobs, and we are known around town as specialists who can solve unique problems. We provide warranty work for a number of national brands and our service includes all manner of specialty stain correction and other work.

Golden Reputation
Carpet cleaning companies have amongst the worst reputation with consumers. But our reputation is second to none and we will do whatever we can to keep it. Unfortunately, our industry is full of uneducated, uninformed, and sometimes even unscrupulous cleaners. With more and more of these companies on the rise, our golden reputation is more important than ever. Annually, over 10% of our residential work involves correcting mistakes and damage caused by other companies who are often inexperienced and unqualified to work on your expensive floors and furniture.

Fair and Competitive Prices
Because of our systematic approach, and a well-run business, our rates typically run much lower than those of companies that offer a comparable level of service. For more information on our pricing structure, please visit our Prices page.

Environmentally Friendly, Pet and Baby Safe – a Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval Service Provider
We are one of a small number of companies recognized by the Carpet and Rug Institute as a “Seal of Approval Service Provider.” This certifies that our equipment and cleaning solutions are of the absolute highest quality, recognized across the board as the best to use for any carpet, fiber, or fabric. The CRI also certifies that our products and methods are 100% safe for the environment, safe for pets, children, and those with sensitive allergies.

CRI Seal of Approval products and services are required by many carpet manufacturers to maintain the warranty of your carpet. Carpet and upholstery is an expensive investment. Using the wrong company could void the warranty on that investment!

For more information on the CRI and their Seal of Approval, click here.